Prenatal genetic screening

Tests for trisomies 21, 18 and 13, plus sex chromosome aneuploidies.

Genetic Predisposition Testing

Apo E genotype

ApoE is a major plasma protein responsible for the transportation of triglycerides, cholesterol and other lipid molecules in the blood vessels. The human ApoE gene is found on chromosome 19, and occurs in three different forms: E2, E3, and E4.

Recent studies suggest two of the polymorphic forms of ApoE are associated with increased risks of developing cardiovascular (E2 and E4) and/or Alzheimer’s Disease (E4).

ApoE Form

E2 Elevated triglyceride and cholesterol
Coronary heart disease
E3 Normal
E4 Alzheimers Disease
Elevated triglyceride and cholesterol